When Your Only Practice Area Is Bankruptcy

Tri-County Lawyers provide true legal expertise in the Flint, MI, bankruptcy field

With a decade of experience helping Genesee, Livingston, Lapeer and Shiawassee County residents gain their financial footing, Melissa DiGiamberdine has the litigation skills to guide you through the process.

At Tri-County Lawyers, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional assistance to those who are faced with insurmountable debt. We’ll look at your financial situation and inform you of every financial option you have so you can make the best decision. We’ll help determine whether your best option is to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and make sure you know the difference between the two.

Because our lawyers only focuses on one practice area, you’ll receive proven expert advice resulting from years of bankruptcy litigation experience. When you want to work with an attorney who will aggressively advocate on your behalf, call Tri-County Lawyers in Flint, MI, at 810-600-1534. We serve multiple counties in the area including Genesee, Livingston, Lapeer and Shiawassee.

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Educational Achievements

  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Michigan-Dearborn, 1996
  • Law School Intern, Chapter 13 Trustee-Carl Bekofske, Fall 2004
  • Juris Doctor, Michigan State University College of Law, 2004

Professional Memberships and Associations

  • State of Michigan Bar Association; Admitted 2005
  • Genesee County Bar Association
  • US District Court for the Eastern Districts of Michigan, Admitted 2005
  • Centennial Inns of Court-Genesee County
  • Bankruptcy Program Team Leader, April 2014
  • Flint Bay-City Bankruptcy Association, Member 2006-Present (FBBA)
  • ABI - American Bankruptcy Institute - Member
  • ICLE - Institute for Continuing Legal Education-Member
  • CBA - Consumer Bankruptcy Association - Member

Publications/Published cases

  • In Re Laroche, 409 B.R. 862 (E.D. Mi. 2009) --Debtors failed to disclose a potential tax refund on bankruptcy schedules when the refund came as a complete surprise. The debtors first learned of the refund in February 2009, but, the debtors did not immediately contact the trustee nor amend their schedules. The refund was sent to the trustee by the IRS in late March 2009, and the debtors amended their exemptions on April 1. Although the debtors’ behavior was not exemplary, e.g., the debtors did not notify the trustee in February when it became apparent that a refund would be available, the court, over the trustee’s objections, allowed the debtors to amend their exemptions and retain their refund.
  • Dow Chemical Employees Credit Union v Alan Scott Collins, No. 10-14611 (Appeal) (E.D. Mich. July 14, 2011). --Debtor had a large recreation and smoking budget. Creditor Dow Chemical Employees Credit Union appealed to the U.S. District Court after confirmation was granted over its objections. The U.S. District Court ruled n my client’s favor.