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Tri-County Lawyers is a progressive law firm with a convenient location in downtown Flint, MI. Our attorneys serve the legal needs of all surrounding areas, and our firm is focused on Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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When you can't afford your student loans, you're drowning in credit card debt or you're behind on your mortgage, you might not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you feel like you'll never be able to get out from under your insurmountable debt, turn to Tri-County Lawyers in Flint. Our lawyer serves multiple counties in Michigan including Genesee, Livingston, Lapeer, and Shiawassee.

Specializing in Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

At Tri-County Lawyers Law Offices, we have only one focus: helping Michigan residents get the financial footing they need. Experience true expertise and specialized attention by consulting with a lawyer who only works in one practice area. Tri-County Lawyers works hard to secure your financial future and ensure you get the outcome you're hoping for. In Flint, Michigan, the bankruptcy process begins six months prior to the actual filing because of the 2005 Bankruptcy Act which requires all debtors to undergo credit counseling. Because of this act, your income and expenses for the previous six months will be compared to Michigan's median income to determine whether you're eligible for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

The income and expenses used in the comparison come from an itemized list we create together using a variety of information, from your current income sources to tax returns for the past two years. Filing for bankruptcy in Flint-whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13-is a complicated process that shouldn't be attempted without a qualified attorney. Let Tri-County Lawyers' Office walk you through the entire process so you know what to expect.

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For more than a decade, our lawyer has been helping Genesee, Livingston, Lapeer, and Shiawassee County residents gain their financial freedom. Even if the courts don't rule in your favor, Tri-County Lawyers has a proven record of successfully appealing multiple decisions in a variety of cases. When you need a lawyer who believes in continual communication, effective litigation, and quality customer care, call Tri-County Lawyers Law Office in Flint for a free initial consultation. We serve Genesee, Livingston, Lapeer and Shiawassee Counties.

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Tri-County Lawyers Provide True Legal Expertise in the Flint, MI, Bankruptcy Field

With a decade of experience helping Genesee, Livingston, Lapeer, and Shiawassee County residents gain their financial footing, Melissa DiGiamberdine has the litigation skills to guide you through the process. At Tri-County Lawyers, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional assistance to those who are faced with insurmountable debt. We'll look at your financial situation and inform you of every financial option you have so you can make the best decision.

We'll help determine whether your best option is to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and make sure you know the difference between the two. Because our lawyers only focus on one practice area, you'll receive proven expert advice resulting from years of bankruptcy litigation experience. When you want to work with an attorney who will aggressively advocate on your behalf, call Tri-County Lawyers in Flint, MI, at 810-600-1534. We serve multiple counties in the area including Genesee, Livingston, Lapeer, and Shiawassee.