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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Do You Know What Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Flint, MI Entails?

Tri-County Lawyers Will Keep You Fully Informed

Because there are numerous steps involved with filing for bankruptcy, hiring an attorney you can trust is imperative to ensure you get the legal outcome you're hoping for. With a decade of experience, Tri-County Lawyers is home to the experts you need to successfully navigate the Flint, MI, legal system.

Learn More About Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one option that essentially wipes your financial slate clean, providing you with a fresh start. Considered a liquidation, filing for Chapter 7 means your non-exempt assets are sold by a trustee and the proceeds are distributed among your creditors.

Although there are multiple types of debt that can't be discharged, Tri-County Lawyers will look at your financial situation and help you determine which of your assets are exempt and whether filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a viable option. Filing for Chapter 7 is typically done by Flint residents who have large amounts of credit card debt or bills and few assets.

Besides our decade of experience handling Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Tri-County Lawyers also have expertise in Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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