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Child Support

Get the Compensation You Need to Support Your Family

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If you're divorced or were never married to your child's other parent, you may be entitled to child support. Child support is court-ordered compensation from the other parent. You can use this money to raise your child. You can turn to Tri-County Lawyers for your child support case in Flint, MI. We'll fight for a reasonable arrangement so you can take care of your child comfortably.

Residents in the area have chosen Tri-County Lawyers for legal services for over a decade. We will listen to your needs and fight for the support you deserve for your child's wellbeing. Contact us to use our legal knowledge to your advantage.

Ensure Your Child is Taken Care Of

How Is Child Support Determined?

In Michigan, child support is calculated with the Michigan Child Support Formula. Among other factors, the formula takes into account:

  • The parent's income

  • Nights spent with each parent

  • The number of children involved

  • Health care and child care costs

Don't get less child support than you deserve because you hired the wrong representative. Get in touch with us now for your child support case in the Flint, MI area.